Programming Node MCU ESP 8266 Board with Arduino IDE

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

1) Prerequisite:-

i) Download and install Arduino IDE.

(Allow installation of usb Driver when asked for permission)

ii) Addition of Board to Arduino IDE platform

a)Go to -->File -->Preferences

b)Go to "Additional Board Manager URLs" and use following URL

Press ok to confirm

c)Now Go to Tools -->Boards

Select board as “NodeMCU 1.0(ESP-12E )module

d)Now Go to Tools -->Ports

Select port ( here-COM4) of NodeMCU Esp8266 board installed on your PC/Laptop

(If installation is properly done it will show automatically. Otherwise look for

Device Driver problem in Device manager. )

iii) Addition of Library From Zip files:-

For any new Device Interfacing you need to add required Library files to communicate with that device.

We will add one library to get idea about library addition to “Arduino IDE “Platform

Library addition to interface “16x2 LCD”

a)Go to following link to download required library



Download this zip library to folder known to you.

b)Now Go to Sketch-->Include Library-->Add zip library

And direct to folder where you have downloaded this zip file.

Addition of library is now completed you can download multiple libraries by this way for different devices.

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